Instruction is provided in the following disciplines of Dance for children age 3 to adults.

Beginners through Advanced classes are taught by a graded system.  Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance and is required of all students.

Pre-School- Classes in Pre-Ballet and Tap are offered for three, four and five year-olds. Emphasis is on musicality, creativity, coordination and building a love of dance, preparing the child for the time when she is physically and mentally at the age to begin formal training.  In these classes, emphasis is placed on posture, correct body alignment, strengthening of feet, legs, stomach and back and, never forgetting that ballet is an art, an expression of grace and movement.

“Dedicated to the Arts”
Ballet Classes in Texarkana                             Judith McCarty School of Dancing                          From beginners to advanced Classes.

Pointe Work-is taught to students who are at least ten years of age and who have had the equivalent of six years of ballet training.

Tap-is for ages three years and over. Tap dancing develops coordination, exact rhythm and timing, and is important in the  training of all dancers.

Acro/Cheer- Basic acrobatic is included in 3 year old and Pre-School work. Acro/Cheer classes are offered to students who are in Pre-School work and over. This class focuses on cheer jumps and dance routines as well as stretch and limbering acro tricks.
Jazz- Added to the student's curriculum in 3rd year work. Jazz is defined as "stylized theatrical dancing" with an emphasis on jumps, turns, and flexibility that improve overall stage presence. Always age appropriate.  

Hip Hop - This high energy fun class incorporates the fundamentals of hip hop movements while focusing on individual style and personality. Dancers develop rhythm, coordination and self-expression with no suggestive music or choreography. 

Spanish-Classical Spanish Dance includes castanet training.  This unique form of dance is offered to more advanced students who 
have a Ballet Background.

Drill Team-All areas of Drill Team technique are taught to prepare students for local high school tryouts. This class is also very beneficial to older students who have not had previous dance training. Students must be entering 5th grade or in 5th year dance class. 
Lyrical - Offered to students who are entering 5th Year work through Advanced.