“Dedicated to the Arts”
Dance in Texarkana                                               Judith McCarty School of Dancing                                                                     Ballet in Texarkana
Recitals are presented every year. The Recital is the culmination of the training for the school year and provides the students an opportunity to participate in a professional stage production.  The Recital is presented at the historic Perot Theater.

New dances are choreographed each year and student's level of ability is demonstrated in those dances.  Information about theme of the recital and costumes will be announced early in the school year. The recital will be May 14, 2022.

The Recital is the high point of the year for students.  Active participation in the presentation is a memory that will remain with your child for the rest of their life.  Students who danced in Recitals 50 years ago can today recall specifics of the dances they did.  It is an opportunity for children to learn about discipline, teamwork and cooperation.  For parents, it represents an opportunity to view the extraordinary accomplishments of their child.  Professional DVDs are made of each performance and are available for purchase.