“Dedicated to the Arts”
The Dancing School year is September through May.  A student is expected to continue through the month of May.  We do not accept students on a trial basis.  A student dropping out in the middle of the year leaves the class with a vacancy that cannot be filled at that time—but which could have been easily filled at the beginning of the year.

The placement of any student must be left entirely up to the faculty and the Artistic
Director.  A graded system and placement of students according to training, age and ability or effort guarantees the steady progress of each class and the self confidence of the students.  Promotion to more advanced instruction is considered on the basis of individual achievement. 

Classes are not necessarily promoted as groups.  Home practice is very important to every student’s progress and the time and place for it should be arranged with the help of the parents at the most convenient time for the student and the family.  Students should never perform at school or elsewhere until they have completed at least one year of dance training.  JMSD should always be informed of any program on which the student is invited to participate as their performance is a reflection of JMSD, and it is of mutual concern that the dance be well rehearsed.  If students enter pageants, etc., we will be happy to work with them privately.  Recital Dances may not be used for other programs before the Recital.

Holidays— Starting Day—Snow Days

Classes begin September 6, 2022
Thanksgiving Holiday---Nov. 21-25, 2022
      Christmas Holiday---Dec. 19, 2022-January 3, 2023 (classes resume Jan.4)      
Spring Break---March 13-17, 2023

Please note:  We do not observe Monday holidays with the exception of Labor Day.  Judith McCarty School of Dancing will post inclement weather closings on our website and on our studio answering machine by 1:00 p.m. should bad weather occur. 


For your convenience, Dancewear will be offered through the Studio.
Practice costumes must be worn for all lessons. 3 year old class wears pink tutus and Pre-Schoolers wear purple tutus ordered especially for them by the Studio. All other girls wear black leotard (short or long sleeve), pink tights, pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. These items may also be purchased through the studio. Skirts are not recommended. Seventh year and above wear lace up jazz tap shoes. 

Students are encouraged to dress at home for lessons. A cover-up must be worn over dancewear (skirt, slacks and sweater or coat in cold weather). DANCE SHOES MUST NEVER BE WORN TO AND FROM LESSONS. ONLY WEAR DANCE SHOES IN THE STUDIOS. The cover-up is a studio rule and is for the sake of the students health in preventing colds, muscle aches and for appearance.  

Hair must be worn in a ballet bun for all classes- 2nd year and up. Boys will wear tights or gym shorts (younger boys), white T-shirts, white socks, black or white ballet shoes and black tap shoes. WRITE YOUR NAME IN ALL SHOES, LEOTARDS, SWEATERS, COATS, ETC.